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Six Million Steps: A Journey Inward


Six Millions Steps is a documentary film of Pacific Crest Trail, a scenic hiking trail that extends from the California/Mexico border, through California, Oregon, and Washington to the border of Washington/Canada. The PCT is 2,650 miles long and takes about 5 1/2 months to complete, through snow, desert, and mountains. The hikers must break from their lives in society, leave their families, jobs, homes, and cars for this time period to live off-the-grid, as "thru-hikers". Waking every morning on the trail, with only one goal; to reach the Northern Terminus, at the Canadian border, the hikers are alone in their minds--their thoughts and epiphanies--a journey inside themselves.

Short Description

A documentary of hikers living off-the-grid while walking the Pacific Crest Trail. An enlightening and humanizing documentation of the journey that takes place within, when modern conveniences are left behind and the only goal is to get to the border. The hikers become a community, a family and the journey becomes a way of life.

The documentary details some of the difficulties of hiking the PCT, carrying only essentials for nearly a six month period. They share their stories of pain, glory and passion.

  1. Bring awareness to the PCT and the benefits of such a journey to reflect on your life, your path, and your future; stepping back from the modern world, in which we live.


  1. By revealing the powers of the PCT, SIX MILLION STEPS offers a unique opportunity to break from everything you know and a look inside yourself--a journey inward.

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Trailer & Synopsis

And in the end, through all of Nature's majesty, you find yourself.
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